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Quantity and Samples


The number of parts shipped to you may differ slightly from the quantity ordered, the range being indicated just below the quantity in the Job | Price dialog. For example if you enter quantity 100 you might see "+/- 5". This means you will receive between 95 and 105 parts. If you must have no less than 100 you should select a high enough quantity that the minimum value is 100.

Although 2D parts allow for multiple parts on one screen, when ordering a quantity of parts it is usually more economical to draw the part only once on the screen and to use the Quantity setting in the price dialog to select the desired quantity. In other words, if you need 10 of a part, draw the part once and set the quantity to 10 instead of drawing the part 10 times and setting the quantity to 1. However if you need, for example, 100 of one part and 200 of another you can draw one copy of the first part and two copies of the second and order 100 sets.

2D jobs must not have more than 25 parts on the screen and must not take more than 10 minutes of CPU time to price.


It is often useful to have a sample before a full run especially for a new design. In fact, it is common even for experienced engineers to modify a prototype multiple times before getting it right. If you need a sample before a full run, simply begin with a small order. For example, if you plan to run quantity 100 but want to run 2 pieces first to check your design, begin by placing an order for 2 and after you verify your design, place an order for 98. (eMachineShop does not offer to run a few parts for customer approval before continuing with a full run because doing so requires two machine setups which are not included in the computed price.) The best thing to do to minimize the need for samples is to design carefully and have someone else check your design.

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