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Quick Start

Before designing a part, please see Basics and Key Techniques.

Be sure to carefully follow the tutorial at CAD menu Help | Drawing Tutorial.

Designing a part consists of the steps below, explained in detail in subsequent sections.

To design a part:
  1. Choose File | New | Blank Design.
  2. Draw basic lines using the left toolbar and the Line menu to manipulate and combine lines. All lines you draw must be closed shapes. You can put one shape inside another but they must not intersect (overlap), though two shapes can touch each other. 
  3. On the numeric bar set Z to a positive value to add material perpendicular to the screen, negative to remove material, Air Inside to cut fully thru your part. 
  4. Use the View menu to add features to the sides or bottom of your part. 
  5. Click the Pyramid button to verify the 3D shape.
  6. After selecting a line click the Machine button. Select Auto usually or other options to make bends, threads, comments, etc.
  7. Choose Job | Settings and enter the indicated information. 
  8. Click the Checkmark button to analyze and price your design.
  9. Resolve any errors and review advisories.
  10. Choose Order | Place order to submit your design for manufacturing.


  • To see the size of a line click it and view the property bar.
  • To delete a line click it and then the X button.
  • To position a line drag it to a snap point and then nudge it with the arrow keys.
  • To zoom in/out use the mouse scroll wheel. To fit drawing to screen press the = key.
  • To draw a shape draw overlapping circles and rectangles and then use the eraser tool to delete segments.
  • To edit a shape you might need to first click the Ungroup button.
  • To make a copy of a shape, click it and then the Repeat button.
  • To thread a hole click a circle and then Line | Machine | tap.
  • To create a sheet metal part with bends, draw the flat shape first. Then add lines where you want bends and from the line type drop list select Bend.
  • To rotate a line click it twice slowly and then drag the rotation handle. 

More detailed help is available and video tutorials: