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You can reorder parts that you ordered previously. For example, after ordering a prototype quantity you might want to order a production quantity.

To reorder parts:

  1. Use File | Open to open the original file.
  2. Choose Job | Settings | General | Reuse Tooling and enter the requested information if applicable.
  3. Choose Job | Price/Analyze to check current pricing and check for any warnings or errors*.
  4. Choose Order | Place Order.
* An order that passed the analyzer in a prior version of the software may not pass the analyzer in the current version because the expert knowledge system is continually being improved. It may not seem like an improvement when an order that went thru previously does not go thru on a reorder, but usually a small change in the design can resolve any new warnings or errors. For help adapting a reorder to pass the analyzer you can also contact tech support. 
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