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You can rotate any line or group of lines around any center point. For example, you might want to rotate a rectangle 30 degrees.

To rotate a line or group of lines by dragging: 

  1. Select the line or group.
  2. Click on the line again or choose Line | Rotate by dragging. The selection handles of the line change to rotation handles and the center of rotation appears.
  3. If desired, drag the center of rotation to the desired location. (To return the center of rotation to the default position, double click on it.)
  4. Drag the rotation handles to rotate the line. The current angle of rotation is shown on the status bar. Holding the CTRL key while rotating allows you to rotate in fixed steps such as 15 degrees as set in the numeric bar Rotation Snap Angle.

To rotate a line or group of lines by fixed angle steps: 

  1. Set the numeric bar Rotation Snap Angle to the desired angle.
  2. Select the line or group.
  3. Choose Line | Nudge | Rotate Right or Rotate Left or press “R” or “L” on the keyboard.
You can also rotate by a specific numerical angle without changing the nudge angle setting.

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