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Selecting Lines

Selecting a Single Line

Choosing a line upon which you want to apply a command is called “selecting”. When you select a line it changes color so that it stands out from the other lines. When you select a line some symbols, called “handles”, are displayed to indicate what you can do with the line. You can select any line in your design. For example you might need to select a line to stretch it.

To select a line:
  1. In the left toolbar click the Select (arrow) button.
  2. In the workspace click on the desired line. The line will appear enclosed in a selection rectangle. The property bar will show the properties of the selected line.

    selecting-single-line.gif (855 bytes)

Selecting Multiple Lines

You can select more than one line at a time.

selecting-multiple-line.gif (1493 bytes)

You can also add or remove lines from those already selected. Any action you perform on the selection affects all selected lines. For example you might need to select six circles representing holes and change their diameters.

To select multiple lines:
  1. In the left toolbar click Select (arrow) button.
  2. Then:
  • Press and hold the CTRL key and click on the desired lines. (Click again to deselect.)
  • In the workspace drag a rectangular area enclosing the desired lines.
  • Press and hold the ALT key and drag a rectangular area crossing the desired lines.
  • To select all lines in the current view press Ctrl+A.
  • To select a series of connected lines hold the Shift key while clicking on one of the lines.

Selecting connected lines

To select all lines connected to a particular line:

  1. Select a line.
  2. Choose Edit | Select Connected Lines.

Selecting Overlapping Lines

When your design includes lines positioned exactly on top of each other and you need to select a line that lies at the bottom, select one of the lines, nudge it left or right, select the line you need, and later nudge the original line back into position.

overlapping.gif (1128 bytes)

Selecting lines of particular machine

Your design may include lines for different machines. You can select all lines assigned to one particular machine. For example you might need to select all Thread lines to remove them from the drawing.

To select all lines for particular machine:
  1. Choose Edit | Find. A dialog appears.
  2. Select the desired machine in the list.
  3. Press OK.