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Shaft Clamp–2p2oA

shaft_clamp_3d shaft_clamp_top shaft_clamp_back

 To create a shaft clamp:

  1. Choose View | Top.
  2. Draw the shape shown by the bold line.
  3. Set Z as shown.
  4. Choose View | Back.
  5. Draw a circle for the retaining screw.
  6. Choose Line | Machine | Thread and select the desired thread.
  7. Set Z to slightly more than the length of the screw.
  8. Create the outermost circle for the unthreaded bore using a diameter slightly more than the screw size.
  9. Set Z to the depth of the unthreaded portion.
  10. Choose View | Top.
  11. Verify that the light projection lines are as shown.
  12. Choose View | 3D.