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Snapping Lines

Line ends must usually meet precisely. For example you might need an end of a straight line to meet an end of an arc. Trying to make lines meet by careful
mouse positioning is often difficult or impossible. You can conveniently make lines
meet using the Snap features.

Snap2obj.gif (153 bytes)
Snap to Lines
 is a feature that works like a magnet. You can move lines so that one of their snap points exactly meets the snap point of another line. Every line has several snap points. For example,
straight lines have three snap points – the start, middle, and end.

To use the
snap to lines feature:

  1. In the left toolbar click the Snap to Lines button (unless
    the button is already pushed in).
  2. Drag an existing line or create a new line so one of its snap points is near a snap point of another line. 
  3. You will see a small blue square to show that the line has snapped.

Generally it is advantageous to keep Snap to Lines on.

Here are the snap point locations for each type of line:

snapping-points.gif (2005 bytes)

Additionally, when drawing a straight line towards an arc or circle the tangent
point acts as a snap point.

To create new snap points:

  1. Draw a temporary line or rectangle.
  2. Snap to a point on the temporary line.
  3. Delete the temporary line.

Snap2grid.gif (134 bytes) Snap to Grid is a feature that forces points to align with a grid of equally spaced points. You can use Snap to Grid to easily align objects. For example, you might need to place several holes evenly spaced.

To snap items to a grid:

  1. On the left toolbar push in Snap to Grid.
  2. Set Edit | Preferences to the desired grid spacing and visibility
  3. While drawing you will see that you can only position points at equal intervals vertically and horizontally.

If you have a line created without snap-to-grid you may need to move the line onto the grid.

To move an existing line onto the snap grid:

  1. On the left toolbar push in Snap to Grid and Line Edit
  2. Drag each and every point of the line so it snaps to the grid. 
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