eMachineShop Software Features
Our CAD Software is FREE and packed with useful options usually only found in expensive CAD packages. Novices and professional engineers alike have praised the rich feature set and easy-to-learn user interface.
Part Template Wizard

Are you new to CAD? No problem! Use one of our design wizards and you won’t have to design from scratch. Our wizard library includes pre-drawn parts like flywheels, heatsinks, hex nuts, front panels and more. Just fill in your part specifications and the wizard will generate a modifiable drawing that you can order as is, or change.

Design Rules Verification

Like having an expert mechanical engineer at your side, eMachineShop CAD analyzes your design and provides warnings about impractical shapes, non-machinable features and incompatible materials. For example, you might be alerted for having a bend too close to an edge, a hole too deep and improper finish.

Money Saving Tips

eMachineShop CAD helps you minimize your production costs by guiding you to create shapes that are economical to machine. The eMachineShop website also offers numerous cost-reduction tips.

Instant Pricing

No need to request and wait for price quotations. The eMachineShop CAD software generates a price in seconds by analyzing the shape, material, finish requirements, and machining operations necessary to manufacture your design – from quantity 1 to 100,000.

Convenient Ordering

Ordering custom machined parts is quick and easy. Run the CAD software price analyzer, choose a delivery time and order directly from the software. eMachineShop CAD is connected directly to eMachineShop’s production facility, so we’ll get your files the moment you submit your order!

eMachineShop CAD also includes:
  • Dozens of available materials
  • Designing 2D and 3D parts
  • Drawing lines, arcs, circles, splines and text
  • Edit, mirror, divide, repeat and contour lines
  • Snap, intersect, nudge, resize, rotate and copy lines
  • Group and ungroup lines
  • Convert splines to arcs
  • Round or chamfer corners
  • Set wall angles and add grooves
  • Set tolerances
  • Create tangents
  • Create sheet metal bends
  • Freehand Mode
  • Change viewing angle by zooming in/out
  • View and rotate your design in 3D
  • Import
  • Export to STL
  • Insert comments to yourself or to our machinists
  • Wizards to design parts for you
  • And more…