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Special Shipping

eMachineShop offers a few special shipping modes.

Order Consolidation

When placing multiple orders you can reduce shipping costs by requesting shipment consolidation, typically into one box. Orders to be consolidated must be placed on the same day. To request consolidation, in the Pricing dialog check the consolidation option. The reduced shipping cost will be shown on the invoice you will receive with your shipment. Individual orders within a consolidated group will be charged to your credit card as they are manufactured. Your consolidated order shipment will usually occur when manufacturing of all the orders is complete, however eMachineShop reserves the right to ship prior to completion of all orders when deemed appropriate. 

Drop Shipping 

You can drop ship eMachineShop orders. For example, if you are in the ice cream equipment business and want to sell to your clients ice cream mixer components you designed, you can order the mixer parts from eMachineShop and have the parts dropped shipped directly to your clients.

To order with drop shipment:

  1. In Job | Settings | Address enter your name, email and phone plus your clients business name and address.
  2. In Job | Settings | Payment select credit card and enter your address.
  3. In Job | Settings | General | Administrative comments you can enter special instructions such as “Include ABC Ice Cream business card and brochure. Omit invoice”.
  4. Place the order.
  5. eMachineShop will charge your credit card and you will bill your client.