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Stepped Recess

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To create a recess or protrusion adjacent to a curved shape:

Let’s assume Z = 0.4 for the outer rectangle and that all but the Z = -0.2 notch is already drawn.

  1. At the location of the notch draw a rectangle extending past the left edge of the outer rectangle and past the large arc.
  2. Choose Edit | Select All.
  3. Click the Repeat button.
  4. Nudge the copy fully away from the original, using the arrow keys.
  5. Choose Line | Intersect.
  6. Remove all lines except the shape corresponding to the arced notch.
  7. Group the lines of the notch.
  8. Set Z to -0.2.
  9. Delete the original notch rectangle.
  10. Nudge the arced notch into place.
  11. Choose View | 3D.
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