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text_2 You can add text to your drawings for comments to yourself, comments to the machinist or to cut or machine text or a logo into your part.

To add comment text:

  1. Click left toolbar “A” button.
  2. Click in the workspace.
  3. Type the desired text.
  4. On the numeric bar choose Comments To Myself or Comments To Machinist.
  5. On the numeric bar set the font size. 

To machine text into your part:

  1. If you don’t already have an outer shape draw it (for example, a rectangle) and, on the numeric bar, set Z to a positive value.
  2. On the left toolbar click the “A” button.
  3. Click in the workspace.
  4. Type the
    desired text.
  5. From the numeric bar drop list choose Auto.
  6. On the numeric bar enter a font size.
  7. Select a True Type font: 
    1. For 2D sheet designs (where text cuts fully thru) select font “eMachineShop 2D” and set Z to Air Inside (you might need to click in the work space to activate the Z control). You can use other fonts but most fonts have interior shapes that will fall out (e.g. the letter O) and hence will generate errors unless you modify the font to avoid the fall-outs. 
    2. For 3D designs use font “eMachineShop 3D” and enter a small negative Z value (typically -.01″ to -.05″) for the depth of the letters (you might need to click in the work space to activate the Z control). You can use other fonts or positive Z values but will need to modify the fonts to resolve errors.
  8. Choose Job | Price/Analyze and
    resolve any errors. For example you may need to convert text into
    primitive line shapes; round sharp corners; enlarge your text; etc.

You can resize and stretch text in the same way as other lines in your drawing.
However when stretched along one axis, text is converted into splines
and straights, preventing further editing. Therefore it is better to control text size via the numeric bar.

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