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You can change position, size, shape of the line by entering numerical values.


You can rotate any line or group of lines by a numerical values. For example, you might want to rotate a rectangle 30 degrees.

To rotate a line or group of lines numerically:
  1. Select the line or group.
  2. If you want to specify the center of rotation, single click a second time and move the center-of-rotation icon to the desired location (using the snap feature if needed).
  3. Choose Line | Transform | Rotate.
  4. Enter the desired angle (e.g. 30). You can also enter expressions. For example if you want a bolt circle of 5 holes you could enter "360/5".
  5. Click OK.


You can change the size of any line or group of lines in your drawing. You can resize lines horizontally, vertically or both. For example you might need to enlarge your entire drawing.

To resize a line or group of lines:
  1. Select the line or group.
  2. Choose Line | Transform | Scale.
  3. Check the desired vertical and horizontal scale. Check Proportional scaling to scale equally along both axis.
  4. Click OK.

Converting splines to arcs

You can convert splines into multiple arcs. For example you might need to convert to arcs for a machine that does not support splines.

To convert a spline or group of splines into arcs:
  1. Select the spline or group containing splines.
  2. Choose Line | Transform | Convert spline(s) to arc(s).
  3. Click OK.