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Uses for Comments

Example uses of Comments To Machinist include:

  • 3D shapes that cannot be modeled in the CAD software.
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Special instructions (e.g. "Don’t bend 5 of the parts.")
  • Minor variations (e.g. "Change diameter to .503 for half run")
  • Advanced threading requirements not supported in the interface.
  • Countersinks in 2D designs – specify angle and size per the diagram at CAD menu Line | Machine | Chamfer.
  • Machining existing parts.
  • High quantity of repetitions of a hole or shape in order to avoid long computations.
  • For injection molding, to show the desired location of the parting line, gate and ejector pins.
  • Capabilities listed here.
  • Special finishes including special colors or multiple finishes.
  • Hardware or other assembly (e.g. Affix panel A to panel B using adhesive #123)
  • Special bends such as for thick material or large radius
  • Sometimes you can reduce cost by designing a single shape that is then sawed apart to create two more more parts. To do this, show the location of sawing using comment lines and add text such as "Saw apart here". But note that the position of sawing is about +/- .05 and the blade kerf removes about 1/8" of material. Use this method only for simple shapes such as a bar and don’t create weak links between parts that make machining difficult.
  • etc.

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