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SKIP THIS SECTION if you are familiar with Windows software.

The eMachineShop software follows standard Windows conventions and terms. If you are not experienced with Windows software, it is recommended to first read one of the many books available since this help documentation assumes you are familiar with such things as: dragging objects on the screen using your mouse; common commands like Undo and Redo; use of menus, toolbars, and status bars; etc.

File Menu

The file menu contains command used to work with files stored on your disk. You can use the File commands to create, open, reopen, save, import, export and revert files. 

icon-new.gif (132 bytes) New – creates new drawings for each new part to be fabricated. New files are untitled. To specify a file name choose File | Save.

icon-save.gif (165 bytes) Save – stores your design to your disk. You should save your work periodically.

icon-save-as.gif (165 bytes) Rename – changes the name of the current file.

icon-open.gif (155 bytes) Open – opens a drawing file stored on disk.

Reopen – Opens a recently used file.

icon-import.gif (166 bytes) Import – Imports drawing data from another format. Click here .

icon-export.gif (155 bytes) Export – Exports drawing data to another format. Click here .

icon-revent.gif (171 bytes) Revert – Undoes changes made to a File since the last Save or since you last exited the application.

icon-print.gif (194 bytes) Print – Prints your drawing to paper. 

icon-exit.gif (125 bytes) Exit – Closes the application.

Edit Menu

button-undo.gif (140 bytes) Undo – Undoes the last change(s) to your drawing.

button-redo.gif (140 bytes) Redo – Undoes an Undo.

The other items on the Edit menu are described in these separate sections: Copy Paste Delete Finding Preferences


The term dragging is the process of moving lines using your mouse.

To drag a line:
  1. Point the mouse cursor to the line to be moved.
  2. While holding down the left mouse button move the mouse to the desired location. It is strongly recommended to first drag a line to a snap point of another line (an endpoint or midpoint) and then use the keyboard arrow keys to "nudge" the line into position.
  3. Release the mouse button.

To drag a line to a location outside the current viewable area, drag the item near the appropriate edge and wait for a moment. The viewing area will scroll in the appropriate direction. When the desired position is reached move away from the edge and position the item.

 eMachineShop CAD uses standard Windows interface conventions 

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