Below are frequently asked questions and answers about eMachineShop benefits, software, pricing and manufacturing processes. 

What is your payment method?

We accept all major credit cards and payment by check or money order.

Min quantity?


Max quantity?

One million

Why did I get a different price for the same part?

If you requested a quotation from a CAD file other than eMachineShop, quotes are computed manually by different individuals, so they can vary. If you use eMachineShop CAD, you will get consistent pricing.

Can I get a sample made before a full run?

Due to the setup time and costs involved in making a sample you would need to place an order for one or a few parts in order to verify a design.

Where is manufacturing done?

Our manufacturing plant is located in Mahwah, NJ where we have both 2D and 3D CNC machining capability, finishing processes, inspection, packing and shipping. We also use quality partner suppliers.

How can I get samples of materials?

We recommend to run a small test job or purchase small quantities of materials from a material vendor. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping cost is automatically calculated in the CAD software or provided with manual quotations. 

Less commonly asked questions

Why did you make another CAD package?

Most CAD packages are designed to create general geometric shapes without regard for manufacturability, price, or setting up real jobs for ordering. The eMachineShop CAD application was designed from the ground up to serve all those functions in one seamless easy-yet-powerful package. If you are familiar with a popular CAD program the eMachineShop CAD program is much easier to learn. The menus are short and you draw the same way with straights, arcs, circles, etc. It's common for users to draw their first part in under 10 minutes. Spend a few minutes to discover a remarkably powerful new way to design and order custom parts. You'll be glad you did! Also see our easy video guides.

What type of documentation is provided?

Our software includes on-line help and easy video guides.

What if I can't figure out how to use your software?

Consider these tips to learn the software. Review the online help. Try the easy Video guides. Discuss how to use the software with others and our engineers on the Forum. On the software menu choose Help | Troubleshooting.

Is the software available only by Download?

Yes. We frequently update the software so it would be impractical to distribute by other methods. If you are having trouble downloading, see the download help.

Can I use the CAD software for other purposes?

Yes, our software offers an excellent free CAD drawing ability useful for a variety of purposes.

Can I use the software offline?

Yes. You will need to connect to the internet only to place your orders and to get the latest pricing file.

What is eMachineShop all about?

You can now order custom machined parts via the internet at the click of a mouse! eMachineShop is a remarkable new service that gives you the power to make custom parts - whether it's one part for a racing bicycle or a million parts for a new product. eMachineShop takes the trouble out of getting custom parts by providing free CAD design software you download, which gives you expert design feedback instantly, computes an exact price in seconds and lets you conveniently order via the web.

What if I am not knowledgeable about machining?

The eMachineShop intelligent software tells you if your design can be machined at the click of a button. You don't have to be an engineer and you don't have to wait hours or even days for a machinist to review your job. 

What is the minimum quantity and maximum quantity you can produce?

We can handle any amount from 1 to 1,000,000.

Can you assemble my part?

Yes, we can do assembly in many instances. Please include your requirements in Comments To Machinist.

Do you offer my finish or material?

We offer a wide variety of finishes and materials. For the current list, please download the software and select Job | Settings | Finishing. Additionally you can specify a special finish using the "Comments to the Machinist" feature or special materials using Job | Material | Request Special Material.

What if you don't support what I need?

If the process you need is a secondary operation such as a special surface finish and not yet supported we recommend to specify your needs using Comments to the Machinist or use  eMachineShop for part of your job and complete it elsewhere.

Can I send you my parts for further processing?

Yes, we can post-process parts in many instances.

Do you offer material conformance reports?

Yes, please use the corresponding check box in the CAD software.

What if I already have a machine shop in my company?

Give us a try anyway - our approach will save you time, give you instant expert feedback, offer processes you might not have, and lower your cost. 

Can a conventional machine shop order from you?

We have a number of conventional machine shops that are regular customers. We can help for: capabilities beyond your shop; overload periods; jobs that are too small or too large for your shop.

How does eMachineShop help purchasing agents?

Purchasing agents can now simplify their job by having engineers and designers develop parts in eMachineShop. This avoids time wasted drafting requests for quotations; gets prices in seconds instead of days; avoids the need for complex purchase orders since the special CAD software includes all purchasing information; decreases the number of suppliers as eMachineShop covers a broad range of processes; and allows for what-if pricing to optimize price and delivery time. 

What does the quantity range mean?

In the CAD price dlg, if you select quantity 25 you might see something like quantity 24 to 26. That means that the actual shipment could range from 24 to 26. Usually we will ship the requested quantity. If you want to be certain to get 25 you could try specifying 26 and verify that the range will be 25 to 27 for example. 

Do re-sellers need to submit a tax exemption certificate?

Yes, if you are claiming a tax exemption. 

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