CAD Software FAQ

Q: Why does eMachineShop have its own free CAD Software?

A: Most CAD software allows users to design geometric shapes, but usually doesn’t account for manufacturability and pricing. eMachineShop CAD was developed to include design, manufacturability analysis, and part costing in an easy-to-use, powerful software.

Whether or not you’re familiar with using another CAD program, you’ll find eMachineShop easy to learn. A user-friendly interface, suite of drawing tools, and built-in pricing and ordering functions make eMachineShop CAD an excellent choice for designing custom machined parts. Many users are able to design, price and order their parts in under 10 minutes!

Check out our CAD features list to learn why eMachineShop has become the trusted, free CAD software for both engineers and businesses.

Q: What if I’m a complete beginner to CAD software and have no knowledge about machining?

A: No problem! Our software was developed to be powerful enough for professionals but accessible for novices. Our built-in machinist will help keep you on track by providing error messages if you design a feature that cannot be machined.

Q: What type of documentation is provided to help me learn and understand the functions and commands in eMachineShop’s software?

A: We maintain an online help index and video guide for our CAD software.

Q: Can I use eMachineShop offline?

A: Yes. You only need to connect to the internet to place your orders and retrieve the latest pricing file.

Q: How do I price and order the parts I’ve designed?

A: You can price and order parts directly from the software. After designing your parts, select Job | Price/Analyze to get a total cost, and then place your order in just a few clicks!