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If you received a price quotation from eMachineShop and would like to proceed to place an order, please review the checklist and provide the information below.

If you revised your design, even slightly, you must first request a new quotation

See default tolerances

Note: this form auto-fills, so you only need to enter what is different between each order.

Please allow one hour for a confirmation email that the form was sent and 12 hours for confirmation that the form data was received.

Order Per Quotation

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(YOU MUST ENTER THE CORRECT QUOTATION # per the email sent to you.
For multiple orders, separate numbers with commas. Submit form once for each order with threading file.)

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(For multiple orders, separate prices with commas.)
This design has threading.
Threading file:
Only if the design has threading that was not specified in the CAD file quoted, please attach a PDF specifying threading details and make sure that the corresponding hole diameters in the CAD file are per the thread MINOR diameter.
Allow eMachineShop to publish still and video imagery of your part.
I agree to the Terms of Use and Order Policies as applicable to conventional quotes.
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