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The eMachineShop video guides make it quick and easy to learn the eMachineShop CAD software, a simple but powerful tool that will open up a whole new spectrum of capabilities to bring your ideas, projects and products into reality.



You can be a CAD expert in no time! Check out our instructional videos below and learn to use our free software. Amateurs and professionals can easily design and order physical parts from digital plans quickly and cost effectively.

Overview: Overview

2D basics: Introduction (Angle Bracket)Key TechniquesNudgingGroup and Ungroup LinesRounding CornersScale (Curved Slot)IntersectingRotate Sprocket

2D advanced: Tools MenuTangent Lines (Oblong)Arc Thru PointsTangent CirclesShape (Spiral)Arched Shaped SlotLine Editing (Square in Circle)Smooth CurvesMultiple Constraints (Rotating Jig)Divide (Equally Spaced Holes)Freehand Drawing (House Sign) Tracing Feature (Gasket) Splines (Phone Stand)MirroringAdjusting BendsRepeated PatternRepeating Speaker Grill

3D basics: Views (Heat Sink)Z ValueEdges3D Designing (Flywheel)

3D Revolve: Revolve (Pulley)Revolve (Tapered Tube)

3D advanced: Hole Types (Countersink and Counter bore) … Grooves (Retaining Ring) Editing a Copy (Protruding Foot)Editing a Copy (Notch in Wall)Machining Text (ON-OFF Label)

Sample shapes: Disk with HoleContour (Rounded Box)Shape (Pipe with Hole)Arc Thru 2 PointsShape (Shaft Clamp)Shape (Front Panel)Shape (Banana Slot)

Wizards: Box Wizard (Sheet Metal Enclosure) Gear Wizard (Gear)

Additional Tutorials: Importing DXF FileLine Types MaterialsPreferencesPre-shaped Stock

Lessons: Lesson 1 of 6, Lesson 2 of 6, Lesson 3 of 6, Lesson 4 of 6, Lesson 5 of 6, Lesson 6 of 6 

Processes: Waterjet Cutting


The following user-interface changes occurred after some videos were made:

  1. To use the Arc or Pan buttons, first enable them via Edit | Preferences | Customize.
  2. Nudging can now also be done via the toolbar.
  3. The Repeat button must now be clicked prior to a nudge button to make copies.