The World’s Longest Established Online Machine Shop

Launched in 2004, eMachineShop has ample experience using CNC technology and secondary processes to fabricate quality custom-machined parts for businesses, engineers, inventors and hobbyists.

We laser cut, mill, 3D print, waterjet cut, turn, or use other technology to make your parts. Working with reputable material suppliers, we stock our shelves with a wide variety of materials to make your parts.

eMachineShop covers both personal projects and large-scale business needs. We ship globally from our Mahwah, NJ manufacturing facility. From quick turn machining of a single prototype to full-production runs of thousands, eMachineShop makes getting parts both economical and easy.

Already have your part designed? We accept most CAD files. Try our fast online quote.

With our Free CAD, Control A Full-Service Machine Shop From The Comfort Of Your Desk.

Industries Served:

From aviation to biomedical, and government to education, clients from just about every industry trust eMachineShop to fabricate parts.

We’ve proudly machined parts for NASA, Google, US Navy, MIT, Harvard, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.

See the video to the right to learn more about us and our services.


Why You Should Choose Us

As the first online machine shop, we’ve spent years learning how to serve the needs of our customers and are committed to delivering personalized customer service.

Want to know why our customers keep coming back?

  • Nearly Any Material You Need. We work with industry-leading suppliers to ensure that you have access to an expansive inventory of materials.
  • Fast, Inexpensive Parts. eMachineShop offers quick-turn prototype orders and economical production runs. Don’t worry if your budget is tight! We offer industry-low prices and multiple delivery time options.
  • Manufacturing Quality. Regardless of the ability of any machine shop, things can sometimes go wrong. eMachineShop doesn’t play games. If your part isn’t to spec, send it back to us. We will fix or remake it, and ship it back to you for free!
  • USA-Based. eMachineShop is headquartered in Mahwah, NJ where we not only produce and quality-control custom parts, but also provide world-class customer service. USA shipping is FREE.
  • FREE CAD Software with Built-in Pricing and Ordering. We changed the game for custom manufacturing with our FREE CAD Software. This streamlines the entire design and fabrication process. eMachineShop gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily design 2D and 3D custom parts in software connected directly to our production facility!


Our FREE CAD Software Replaces the Traditional Machine Shop

We innovated the once tedious process of designing, pricing, and receiving finished custom parts.

Gone are the days of traveling back and forth to a local shop or an endless stream of emails, finding an engineer to consult with on your concept, coordinating with multiple vendors, and spending time researching how to best negotiate price.

Instead, why not price and order your parts in the same software you use to design them?



  Conventional Machine Shop

  1. Click to analyze design
  2. Click for price
  3. Click to order



   1. Determine type of vendor needed
   2. Search for potential vendors
   3. Evaluate vendor information
   4. Assess vendor quality and reliability
   5. Determine a mutually agreeable CAD format
   6. Request review by a manufacturing engineer
   7. Send design to vendor
   8. Wait for technical feedback from vendor
   9. Make design clarifications and corrections
  10. Send final design
  11. Wait for price quotation
  12. Call for status of price quotation
  13. Receive price quotation (maybe)
  14. Discuss with vendor ways to change design to optimize price
  15. Wait for quotations from other vendors
  16. Compare quotations
  17. Make vendor selection
  18. Create purchase order
  19. Send purchase order
  20. Contact vendor to verify receipt of purchase order
  21. Call for order status

  Typically ~3 minutes.   Typically ~40 hours.
  Admin time cost – ~$0.   Admin time cost ~$800
  Calendar time – None   Calendar time – ~3 weeks

I Need Custom Parts!

Submit your CAD files or drawing any time for a fast quote.

Or, try designing in our FREE CAD Software, where you price your design and order parts in seconds!

Either way, you’ll be sure to have a good experience with us!

eMachineShop and Pad2Pad are divisions of Micro Logic, a privately held technology organization headquartered at 31 Industrial Ave., Mahwah, NJ. eMachineShop organizes operations with the TaskRing task management system.