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Conventional Price Quotations

Need a price quote for a custom part? We offer machining, sheet metal fabrication and injection molding. 


Accepted files

We accept AMF, CGR, EPRT, HCG, HSF, IFC, IGS, IGES, PRT, PRTDOT, SAT, SLDLFP, SLDPRT, STP, STEP, VDA, WRL, XAML, X_B, X_T, 3DXML and 3D DWG file types for quotation. STL files are accepted for 3D Printing only. 

If necessary, we can also accept PDF, JPG, TXT, and 2D DXF files. 

EMS CAD files Designs created in or exported from eMachineShop CAD are not accepted here – please use the CAD instant price command. 
Photos If only a photo is provided or dimensions are not included, pricing will be estimated.
Tolerances See default tolerances.
Quote duration 30 days.
Response time 15 min for a confirmation email that the form was sent
1 hour for confirmation that the form data was received
24-48 hours (excluding weekends) for the quotation
For instant pricing, please use the free eMachineShop CAD software.
Samples For a design verification sample please request a quote for quantity one.
Small changes If you already received a quotation but need to make a very small change to your design (e.g. slight change of a dimension or position) but the quantity and material is unchanged, enter in the instruction box per this example: This RFQ is identical to #123456 except that one hole was enlarged by .004 in. This may speed response. 
Ordering After receiving a quotation, order here

Need a Price Quote? We now accept CAD files, hand drawings, photos and written descriptions.

Company: Leave blank if personal
Province: (non-USA only)
Please check your email address spelling carefully.
Shipping Method:
Dimensions L x W x H (inch): x x
IMPORTANT: Size must be in INCHES and must be accurate.
Please note that dimensions differing from drawing will not be quoted.
Round parts: enter L x Diam x Diam.
Sheet metal or sheet plastic parts specify thickness in H: .032, .045, .062, .093, .125, .187, .25, .375, .5 inch.
For sheet metal parts with bends, enter flat dimensions before bending.
Design file:
64M max.
Although each design must be submitted separately, this form auto-fills, so you only need to enter what is different between each one. If submitting a CAD file, 3D models (not flat drawings) are preferred. You may also submit TXT, JPG and PDF files in this location; however, we will most likely need a dimensioned drawing to provide an accurate quote.
Additional PDF file:
64M max.
All features of your part design must be expressed in this form and in the submitted CAD/Design file. The only exception being that threading and tolerances may optionally be specified in an additional PDF file if necessary. Any other information in the submitted PDF files will be disregarded.
Information specified on the form will take precedence over information in attached files.
Prior quote:
If this request is similar to a prior one, enter the prior quote number and explain the difference.
I agree to the Terms of Use and Order Policies as applicable to conventional quotes.
Additional instructions:
Please list any thread sizes needed.
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