Quality Assurance & Customer Satisfaction

Located in Mahwah, NJ, eMachineShop manufactures custom parts for clients ranging from government agencies and Fortune 100 companies to inventors, engineers, hobbyists and students.

To consistently exceed customer expectations, quality control and assurance is achieved through:

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  • Comprehensive written procedures and policies

  • Extensive electronic records of orders, customer communications and inspection results

  • Detailed records of incoming raw materials

  • Analysis of root cause of non-conformances

  • Corrective actions to prevent recurrence of non-conformances

  • Multi-level incoming order review

  • TaskRing task management system

  • Comprehensive software expert system advising customers of manufacturability issues

  • Fully equipped inspection department

  • Periodic calibration and labeling of inspection tools

  • Detailed computer generated traveler tickets

  • Designated areas for non-conforming parts

  • Staff members being strongly encouraged to suggest improvements in methods, materials, and suppliers

  • Daily backup of electronic records stored in multiple locations

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