RC Motorbike

Cesar Velayos Enriquez has been racing R/C cars for the last 20 years. He decided to build a custom R/C nitro bike. The central aluminum chassis to which all components are bolted was CNC milled at eMachineShop. The unique design features a solid spine. All bores on the chassis are M3 threaded. The chassis measures 175x54x40mm.

  • Bike scale: 1/5
  • Weight: 1.800gr (w/o rider)
  • Engine displacement 2.11cc (.12ci)
  • Usable RPM range: from 6000/38000rpm
  • Power: about 1.2HP
  • Clutch: 2 carbon graphite shoes, centrifugal type.
  • Max speed with current gear ratio: about 75 Km/h, 47 mph
  • Fuel tank: 78cc
  • Front brake system: Glass fiber disc and steel calipers
  • Rear brake system: Aluminium disc and glass fiber calibers
  • Front and rear suspension systems: coil over, oil damped shocks; fronts  inside fork bars and rear right in front of the rear wheel

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"This is a fantastic tool. I am a complete novice when it comes to cad design. But within a very short period of time and using the tutorial I had my first part on order. Thanks so much!"
- Ed
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