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The eMachineShop video guides make it quick and easy to learn the eMachineShop CAD software, a simple but powerful tool that will open up a whole new spectrum of capabilities to bring your ideas, projects and products into reality. Found throughout the online Help, you can jump direct to the videos here:

Basics: Key Techniques ... Overview

2D basics: 2D Drawing...Drawing Lines
2D advanced: Text ... 2D Advanced ... Tangents ... Position Circle/Arc Thru 2 Points ... Draw Circle/Arc Thru 3 Points ... Move Circle Tangent to Two Other Circles ... Spiral ... Arched Shaped Slot ... Equally Spaced Holes ... Line Edit Mode ... Smooth Curves ... Multiple Constraints

3D basics: Views ... Z Axis ... Edges ... Tutorial
3D advanced: Revolve ... Grooves

Learn from how these sample shapes are made:
Disk with Hole ... Rounded Box ... Pipe with Hole ... Pipe Spacer ... Shaft Clamp ... Pulley ... Pawn (Revolve) ... Sheet Metal Box ... Front Panel ... Hole Types ... Protruding Foot

Miscellaneous: Machines ... Preferences


Pleases note the following changes:

  1. Videos that use the Arc or Pan buttons - first enable the buttons via Edit | Preferences | Customize.
  2. Nudging can now also be done via the toolbar.
  3. The new Eraser tool is easier to use than the Intersect command - just click on the Eraser and then click on the line segments to be removed.

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Video Tutorial

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- Benjamin Ukrain
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