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Delivery Time

When selecting a delivery time make sure you know these facts:

  • Delivery times shown in the price dialog are estimates – they are not guaranteed.
  • You might pay extra for fast delivery and actually get slow delivery. Why? See at bottom. Similarly you might pay less for slow delivery and actually get fast delivery.
  • Prices are not adjusted up or down based on early or late actual delivery time — even if the actual delivery time coincides with an alternate price / time combination except for Quick Turn orders.
  • While eMachineShop strives to deliver on time, there are many factors that can delay delivery:
    • machining complications
    • supplier delays
    • equipment malfunction
    • labor shortage
    • overload of orders
    • etc. 
  • Times are in business days – they don’t include weekends or holidays.
  • Times do not include transit time.

When you select a faster delivery time estimate, eMachineShop schedules your job on a more expensive faster machine and/or uses faster more expensive material suppliers and/or uses a faster more expensive delivery method. Even so, the faster more expensive option does not always win. Since associated costs are fixed at the time a price / time combination is chosen, prices are not adjusted up or down based on early or late delivery. If you don’t want to risk paying extra without a delivery guarantee, select the slowest, lowest cost method or use a Quick Turn option. Nevertheless, on average, faster delivery selections will arrive faster.

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