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Jim Lewis, CEO
Jim Lewis, CEO, has a degree in computer science from N.Y.U.  An inventor, Jim has been making mechanical and electronic devices since childhood. Jim has long had a home based machine shop, plays the board game Go and is a former paramotor and R/C pilot. 
Turret punch machine for sheet metal parts
Vacuum Pod - Shawn Brunson - an engineering company

The World's First ONLINE Machine Shop

The first and leading machine shop designed from the start for the Internet, eMachineShop's mission is to provide easy, convenient and low-cost fabrication of custom parts via the web. We achieve our mission by fully leveraging the web, software, and state-of-the-art machining technologies.

eMachineShop pioneered online machining. We have made it more convenient and easier than ever for both engineers and non-engineers to make custom parts. You download the easy-to-use free eMachineShop 3D CAD software and draw your part. When you're happy with your design, you simply click for instant pricing and ordering.

eMachineShop Makes it Easy

With eMachineShop you can eaily produce parts for existing products, design and make new products, fabricate replacement parts, implement new ideas and inventions and make any kind of custom part for any purpose.

What makes us Different from traditional machine shops?

Using a conventional machine shop to make custom fabricated parts is a cumbersome process involving an often long sequence of time-consuming visits, phone calls or emails.


Conventional Machine Shop

   1. Click to analyze design
   2. Click for price
   3. Click to order

All of this happens from the convenience of your PC!

   1. Determine type of vendor needed
   2. Search for potential vendors
   3. Evaluate vendor information
   4. Assess vendor quality and reliability
   5. Determine a mutually agreeable CAD format
   6. Request review by a manufacturing engineer
   7. Send design to vendor
   8. Wait for technical feedback from vendor
   9. Make design clarifications and corrections
  10. Send final design
  11. Wait for price quotation
  12. Call for status of price quotation
  13. Receive price quotation (maybe)
  14. Discuss with vendor ways to change design to optimize price
  15. Wait for quotations from other vendors
  16. Compare quotations
  17. Make vendor selection
  18. Create purchase order
  19. Send purchase order
  20. Contact vendor to verify receipt of purchase order
  21. Call for order status

  Typically ~3 minutes.
   Typically ~40 hours.
  Admin time cost - ~$0.
   Admin time cost ~$800
  Calendar time - None
   Calendar time - ~3 weeks

Unique Software

Unlike the common expensive complex CAD software packages that often require training courses to use, the eMachineShop CAD software is easy to learn, offers powerful features, and is offered free. Software commands are included for creating designs, evaluating designs, getting automated price quotations and ordering. Automatic expert analysis tools built into the software gives instant manufacturing feedback and advice, avoiding the need for expensive engineering support, saving even more time and money.

Short & long runs welcome

Because of the cumbersome process with conventional shops, many shops avoid customers seeking short runs. And even for long runs customers are discouraged from doing too many what-if price quotations. At eMachineShop ordering one is just as easy and convenient as 1,000,000.

Streamlined Process

eMachineShop avoids cumbersome steps and streamlines the entire custom fabrication process from your screen to delivery at your door. Whether you are making one bracket for a computer chassis, 100 levers for a home-built airplane kit, or producing parts for 100,000 cell phones, eMachineShop will be a key factor in your success.

eMachineShop.com is a division of Micro Logic, a privately held technology organization which also includes Pad2Pad.com and Quirkle.com.

Download CAD Software

Video Tutorial

"I've just received probably my 8th small order in the last 6 months, and shipped off two more. You guys have never missed a date or sent me a part that didn't exceed the manufacturing tolerences specified. Not one bad thread! You've sped up my project time AND reduced my costs. This is an incredibly valuable service, keep up the great work!"
- Zaki
PCB CAD program

Design printed circuit boards online at our PCB division - Pad2Pad.com

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