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CNC Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutters produce metal parts from sheet material using a laser beam to vaporize sections of the workpiece.

eMachineShop offers a cost-effective cutting solution whether you need a single part, batch of prototypes, or a production order.

  • 50+ Materials.
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  • 100% Quality Guaranteed.
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  • Can produce parts of almost any 2D shape
  • More precise and economical than plasma cutting
  • Fast turn time
  • Can be used to etch instead of cut

Design Considerations

  • Sharp inside corners may be slightly rounded due to beam radius
  • Edges will be heat affected
  • Edges may have some draft
  • Minimal kerf width
  • Keep hole diameters equal to or larger than the material thickness

What is a 2D Part?

2D parts are significantly more cost-effective to manufacture than 3D parts, so understanding what makes them different is essential.

An example of a 2D part is a stencil as shown. A stencil is considered 2D because it has no features on its sides and is modeled using two or fewer thicknesses.

eMachineShop Made Sheet Parts

aluminum laser cut clock face

laser cut wing joiner part

3 laser cut parts with holes stacked on each other

stainless steel laser cut part resting on a garage door

black laser cut sheet part

aluminum laser cut sign with a man pushing a saw


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