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Located in Mahwah, New Jersey, eMachineShop is the leading online machine shop enabling any company, organization or individual to design, price, and instantly order custom mechanical parts. From initial design to placing an order, the entire process takes as little as 15 minutes.

According to Jim Lewis, eMachineShop president, “Whether you are designing a new part or are in need for more of an existing part, getting custom parts is normally time consuming and costly. Until now, you had to buy and learn expensive and complex CAD software, locate a machine shop, deal with multiple emails or faxes to transmit drawings to the machine shop, discuss the design with a machinist, sift through price quotations, and eventually get your part – often paying much more than necessary while adding weeks or months of delay.”

President, Jim Lewis describes the company as an innovative solution offering the easiest, most cost-effective way to turn ideas into real parts at both prototype and production quantities. Whether for a new invention, an existing product or construction of a space rocket, eMachineShop revolutionizes the whole process. eMachineShop has produced parts for electronic panels, enclosures, signs, scientific devices, parts for airplanes, cars, motorcycles and trucks, ocean buoys, sensor mechanics, cameras and numerous other applications. eMachineShop customers range from hobbiests and inventors to businesses and large institutions.

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eMachineShop is a division of Micro Logic, a privately held technology organization located at 31 Industrial Ave., Mahwah, NJ 07430.

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"I've just received probably my 8th small order in the last 6 months, and shipped off two more. You guys have never missed a date or sent me a part that didn't exceed the manufacturing tolerences specified. Not one bad thread! You've sped up my project time AND reduced my costs. This is an incredibly valuable service, keep up the great work!"
- Zaki
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