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Electroplating applied to steel hub

eMachineShop makes it easy to design and order custom parts with electroplating finish. Simply download the free CAD software, design your part, select the desired finish and order online.


Electroplating is a metal finishing process used to finish your part surface by submersing the part in a tank of chemicals and applying an electric current. Electroplating coats or alters the part surface with a thin layer. Larger parts are usually plated on racks where the parts are hung before submersing. Barrel plating is often used for small parts where the parts sit at the bottom of a tank.


Electroplating can be used to prevent corrosion, increase mechanical durability, alter surface friction or improve appearance. Plating is often often used on parts made of AluminumCopper, Steel and Brass.


Electroplating does not substantially hide or smooth surface imperfections. For example if you mill a part with 63 surface finish and then silver plate, it will not have a polished look. 


The process is often applied to decorative parts, sculptures, knobs, electrical connectors, handles, etc. 

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"I've just received probably my 8th small order in the last 6 months, and shipped off two more. You guys have never missed a date or sent me a part that didn't exceed the manufacturing tolerences specified. Not one bad thread! You've sped up my project time AND reduced my costs. This is an incredibly valuable service, keep up the great work!"
- Zaki
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