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Imagine helping to reinvent the industrial revolution via the internet.

That's what we are doing at eMachineShop today in northern NJ. We are looking for people like you that think big and know how to make things happen. If you’re ready to discover just how far your talents can take you, we invite you to explore a career opportunity at eMachineShop.

Machinist Assistant

Assist and learn from an experienced CNC machinist. Learn to operate milling machines, lathes, grinders, sanders, shears, bending machines, etc. Requires good mechanical inclination and an interest in tools and making things. Assorted additional responsibilities. Requires high school diploma and computer skills.


Program, setup and run CNC lathe and milling machines. Requires 3+ years experience. Must be: fluent in G code, experienced reading mechanical drawings, quality oriented, productive and able to run multiple machines at once.

Sales / Marketing Manager

Manage prime accounts of the leading online machine shop ranging from Fortune 100's to space agencies. Seek new strategic alliances. Analyze customer needs. Requires knowledge of custom manufacturing and min 5 years relevant sales/marketing experience. 

Business Analyst

Analyze a wide variety of data from the web, orders, production, etc. Optimize various aspects of the business. Develop new spreadsheets. 

C++ Software Developer

Build a sophisticated CAD/CAM system allowing design and ordering of mechanical parts via Internet. Requires ability to design specs, write reliable code and make creative suggestions. Experience desirable but grads with 20,000 lines of code experience will be considered.

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"First off I was completely satisfied with the quality of the parts I recieved. I was more impressed by the business model of this company. I work for a large manufacturer of heavy machinery. I was telling my co-workers (other engineers) about my experience with this company and they were shocked. One of them has direct experience trying to get ..."
- William Mische
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