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Metal Surface Finishing Tips

Black oxide - a simple low cost finish for steel

Surface finishes are often an important aspect in designing custom parts. Surface finishes can be used to protect your part, make your part more attractive, change the friction of the surface, reflect light, absorb light, etc. Etc.

Also see our surface finish capabilities for more tips and guideliines.

Decorative Finishes 

Custom parts can be categorized as functional or decorative. Functional parts are typically used inside a device or in an application where appearance is less important. Decorative parts are those where appearance is more important. For example a maker of a cell phone would consider the phone case as decorative but an internal bracket for a circuit board as functional. If you need a decorative finish for a part consider these tips:

Decorative finishes create an attractive look on parts and can protect the surface at the same time. 

Compensating for finish thickness 

Adding a surface finish can change the size of a part slightly. In some designs it is important to consider this when specifying dimensions. Keep the following in mind: 

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