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Custom 3D Printed Acrylate Parts

eMachineShop offers stereolithography 3D printing with a selection of acrylate-based plastics. Design and order your parts with our free CAD software or upload your own CAD file for a fast quote.

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Acrylate-Based plastics

are photosensitive monomers in a liquid wax-like form. A UV light is used to link and harden the monomers into polymers layer-by-layer to create 3D printed acrylate-based plastic parts.

The resulting parts have a smooth surface finish and extreme strength for plastics. Acrylate parts can be easily cut and drilled making them great choices for assemblies.

Offered Acrylate-Based Plastics

SLA Plastic Accura® 60

Clear SLA / Translucent Resin High-strength, semi-transparent acrylate-based plastic with a smooth surface finish. Applications include clear display models, enclosures, lighting components, and tech accessories.

Plastic Accura® Xtreme™

Gray SLA / Gray Resin Rigid, gray high performance resin with a smooth surface finish comparable to injection molding. Applications include snap-fit assemblies, bottles, housings, and functional models.

SLA Plastic Accura® Xtreme™ 200

White SLA / White Resin Extremely high strength, white high performance acrylate photopolymer that has highest durability and dimensional accuracy of all offered SLA resins. Applications include functional prototypes and mechanical parts.


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