3D Printing Process

Binder Jetting

Binder jetting produces 3D printed parts by binding material powders together using a liquid binding agent.

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What is Binder Jetting?

Binder jetting (BJ) is a newer 3D printing process that uses a liquid binding agent to bind materials powders together for solid 3D printing parts.

This process takes place in a printer where the powder is spread on a platform. The printer travels over the powder, dropping the binder agent on select areas bonding them into solid parts one layer at a time.

Parts manufactured by binder jet 3D printing have weaker mechanical properties than other metal 3D printing processes. Secondary processes like infiltration and sintering, where parts are essentially baked in a furnace, are necessary to increase a part’s density and strength.


  • Large color selection.
  • Works with materials including ceramics and metals.
  • Quicker turn times and more affordable compared to other 3D printing processes.


  • Higher volume, low cost components.
  • Molds and models.
  • Pieces that require precision and accuracy.
  • Large complex parts.

Offered Materials

circular stainless steel parts in organized rows
Stainless Steel


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