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How to build a shipping crate

Use this calculator to build a custom crate in about 60 min. 

How to build a custom crate


  1. Get OSB or plywood for top and bottom, same or lighter masonite for sides, 1.5 x 1.5 wood strips, 1.5" sheetrock or wood screws (sheetrock screws are easier to use without drilling holes first).
  2. Tools: electric screwdriver, saw 
  3. Enter your values in the yellow cells and click Update. (Note that the contents-size is measured wall to wall on one dimension and between the inside vertical strips on the other dimension.)
  4. Saw wood per calculator. 
  5. Space screws ~12 inches, always thru panels into strips:
    1. Moving strips in from edge by side panel thickness, screw Left & Right panels to 4 Vertical strips.
    2. Screw Front & Back panels onto vertical strips.
    3. Screw above 4-sided assembly to remaining 4 strips with strips on outside.
    4. Screw Base panel to strips.
  6. If you plan to use a pallet jack, screw Base to a pair of 2×4’s.
  7. Place contents, padding and invoice in box.
  8. Screw Top to four wood strip ends.

Please contact us with any suggestions or corrections.

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