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CNC Router Cutting Services

CNC routing is a cutting process used for precise cuts in sheet materials.

eMachineShop offers cost-effective routing solutions whether you need a few pieces or a large production order.

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  • Economical for short run production.
  • Useful for complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances.
  • Smooth finishes.
  • Can produce almost any 2D shape.


  • Sheet metal enclosures
  • Decorative signs.
  • Sign lettering
  • Sheet metal mechanisms

What is CNC Routing?

CNC routing is a cutting process in which material is removed from a sheet by a rotating tool. The computer numerical control (CNC) router moves mainly in two dimensions (the third dimension is plunging on the Z-axis) to achieve the desired part shape. The router rotates on an axis perpendicular to the table holding the cutting material. The cutting tool hovers over the sheet material from a rotating spindle. While the cutting tool turns, a computer controls the motion of the cutter. The cutter is guided to move through the material, removing portions to create shapes. CNC routers are efficient at producing precise cuts for complex designs.


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