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EDM Cutting Service

Electrical discharge machining, also known as EDM, is a process that uses sparks to cut shapes out of a workpiece.

eMachineShop offers sinker and wire EDM solutions whether you need a single part, batch of prototypes, or a production order.

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  • Can produce sharp inside corners
  • Ideal for parts with thin walls
  • Ideal for metals with low machinability
  • No burring

Design Considerations

  • Material must be electrically conductive
  • Typical surface finish will be between 16 and 64 microinches
  • Kerf width typically ranges from 0.001″ to 0.012″
  • Edges will be smooth but matte

What is a 2D Part?

2D parts are significantly more cost-effective to manufacture than 3D parts, so understanding what makes them different is essential.

An example of a 2D part is a sign as shown. This sign is considered 2D because it has no features on its sides and only has holes and cutouts.



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