Quick Start

Getting Started

Learn how to navigate to the workspace to begin designing.

Screen Elements

Learn where important tools and functions are located.

Key Techniques

Learn the key techniques used to create custom parts quickly and easily.

Design a Part

Learn the step-by-step process of making a part from launch to order.

eMachineShop CAD Online Quick Start

Learn the fundamentals used to create custom parts quickly and easily in eMachineShop CAD Online.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install eMachineShop CAD.
  2. Run the application.
  3. Select one of the tiles shown on the right to create a design, or to access learning resources.
eMachineShop CAD start screen

Screen Elements

The following labels will be used throughout the help guide:

eMachineShop CAD workspace with labeled tools

Key Techniques

Draw Lines and Shapes

Use straight lines, circles and rectangles to shape parts and specify features.

  1. On the left toolbar, choose the straight line, circle, or rectangle tool.
  2. In the workspace, click the start and end locations.

Draw Custom 2D Shapes

To create new custom shapes, use the Eraser tool to remove segments from intersecting lines.

  1. Draw overlapping straight lines, circles and rectangles.
  2. On the left toolbar, click the Eraser tool.
  3. Remove unwanted lines by clicking on them.

Accurately Size Lines and Shapes

  1. Select a line or shape.
  2. On the numeric bar, enter the desired size.

Accurately Position Lines and Shapes

  1. On the left toolbar, ensure the Snap to Lines button is pushed in.
  2. Drag a line or shape so one of the snap points on it meets a snap point (a small blue square appears) of another line or shape.
  3. In the top toolbar nudge controls, enter the distance you want to move the selection (e.g. 0.1).
  4. Use the nudge arrow buttons to position the item.

Numeric Bar Inputs

  1. Math formulas can be entered in place of numeric inputs.

Design a Part

Please first review Screen Elements and Key Techniques.

  1. If copying an existing part, measure the size and position of its features and make a dimensioned sketch.
  2. Choose File > New > Blank Design.
  3. Draw 2D shapes (see Key Techniques) corresponding to the shape and features of your part.
  4. For each line or shape, click it and in the Z-Control, set a value:
    • Positive for a protrusion
    • Negative for a recess
    • “Air Inside” for a through hole
  5. To add features on different views, use the View menu and draw additional features on that view.
  6. To see your design, choose menu View > 3D.
  7. If your part requires bending sheet material, specify the bend location by drawing a straight line and choose Bend from the Line Type drop list.
  8. If your part requires threaded holes or protrusions, draw a circle and select Thread & Tap from the Line Type drop list.
  9. If required, set tolerances by choosing Job > Settings > Specifications
  10. Check your design for manufacturability and get an instant quote by choosing Job > Price/Analyze and resolving any errors.
  11. To order your part, choose Order > Review & Place Order