PEM Fasteners

PEM brand fasteners are hardware components that provide threaded attachment points for thin parts like sheet metal brackets and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Holes in thin parts are not ideal to be tapped because there would not be enough threads to ensure a secure joint.

PEM fasteners are available in various thread gages and can accommodate different sheet metal materials. PEM fastener installation methods include pressing, broaching, or welding. There are many types of PEM fasteners, but a majority of applications require one of three types: nuts, studs, or standoffs.

The figure below shows a typical application for a PEM fastener. The fastener (in this case a nut) has been pressed into a thin bracket. The bracket is attached to a mating part with a screw.  The screw and the PEM nut create the threaded joint to hold the parts together. 


A stud is a type of threaded fastener that is similar to a screw or bolt, except is has no external head. Studs are typically used when it is inconvenient or impossible to access one side of a threaded joint, like anchoring equipment into a concrete floor.  PEM studs are useful when there is not enough space around a joint to allow a screw head to sit on the workpiece surface.

A standoff is a type of threaded fastener that provides uniform spacing between parts. An example of a traditional standoff is shown in the left figure below.  This type of standoff would be screwed into a tapped hole.  If the part is to thin to be properly tapped, such a standoff cannot be used.  PEM standoffs can be assembled to a thin workpiece without a tapped hole.  Two examples of PEM standoffs are shown in the right figure below. Note that the heads of the PEM standoffs are flush with the workpiece surface.

traditional_standoff standoffs3


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