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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing process that fuses a dry powder to a metal surface. This finish looks similar to paint but offers high quality, abrasion-resistance which is tougher than conventional liquid paint.

Since the invention of the powder coating process in 1945, the demand for powder coating services in the manufacturing industry has increased. Professional businesses utilize finishing services to coat metal parts in various textures including gloss, matte, textured, and metallic to provide parts with a uniform appearance, and added rust prevention. Commercial powder coating companies offer quality powder coating services in various powder colors to customize any design. These colors include purple, pink, green, blue, orange, red, brown, tan, yellow and others. Not only is powder coat finishing cost effective, but the resulting custom products are easy to care for since they are resistant to corrosion, scratching, chipping, and splintering.

For a deeper dive into the advantages of powder coating and its innovative application process, consider exploring Powder Coating Institute’s comprehensive website, which offers invaluable insights into its benefits.

Powder coating of metal parts
one grey powder coated machine part and one black powder coated machine part on a white background

Design Considerations

  • Mechanical finishing before powder coating is not usually required as the coating covers and smoothes the surface.
  • Powder coating typically adds 0.001″ – 0.003″ to each coated surface and slightly rounds edges.
  • Textured and matte finishes hide scratches and abrasions better than gloss.
  • Deep pockets and inside corners may not be coated due to the electrostatic process.
  • Small amounts of powder may accumulate in holes, which may interfere with mating parts and threading. Plugging, redrilling or retapping can optionally be requested.

Powder Coat Textures

When a product is intended to have a powder coat finish applied color, texture, and gloss level should be considered.

Gloss Powder Coat

A gloss powder coat leaves a subtle reflection that is not highly defined. Alternatively, high gloss powder coating is reflective and shiny and is available in a gloss black powder coat finish, which is a rich deep black color with a high gloss finish, as well as other colors.

Matte Powder Coat

This type of powder coat is shine-free and often contains a subtly textured surface. A quality matte black powder coat finish is flat matte and provides good weather and corrosion protection.

Powder Coat Metallic

A metallic powder coat has a metallic or sparkle effect and is available as bonded or unbonded metallic.

Textured Powder Coat

Powder coat textures are quite rough and are available in a sand texture, wrinkle texture, and hammered texture. The sand texture is similar to sandpaper, while the wrinkle texture provides a higher surface roughness and a better grip. The hammered texture is comparable to the surface of an orange peel and has higher gloss levels than sand and wrinkle textures.

Textured Powder Coat

Powder Coating Materials

Powder coating services provide a protective and durable finish since the mechanical properties of plastic allow it to easily adhere to surfaces evenly. This creates a uniform finish that is resistant to wear and tear, moisture, and corrosion. The easy application and cost-effectiveness of plastic powder coating makes it the ideal choice for many commercial businesses.


Powder coating metal is especially protective since powder coated metal parts are durable and repel corrosive materials. Powder coated metal products have high resistance to abrasions, chips, scratches and extreme weather.

What is Powder Coated Stainless Steel?

When applied to stainless steel, powder coating provides extra long-lasting protection. Though stainless steel is corrosion resistant, chlorine, iron deposits, and salt can challenge stainless steel alloys. Powder coat stainless steel is ideal for additional corrosion-resistance.

Can Plastic be Powder Coated?

Powder coating plastic has become accessible in the manufacturing industry due to technological advancements. New industrial powders and resins have been created that rely on ultraviolet (UV) light for curing. This efficient application process assures that plastic parts will not melt or distort.

Chrome Powder Coat

The most reflective type of powder coat finish is a chrome powder coat. Powder coated chrome is durable and more affordable than plated chrome. Chrome finishing of this kind is available in many colors beyond black chrome powder coat finish.

Powder Coat Colors

Most powder coat colors are available also in gloss, matte, metallic, and textured finishes.


Orange powder coat colors are light, slightly yellow shades or deeper and richer hues that are closer to red on the color spectrum.


Red powder coatings range from a bright red gloss finish comparable to a fire hydrant to a richer and darker burgundy-like red matte finish.


Purple powder coatings contain hues between red and blue. A purple matte finish is a lighter shade in comparison to the deeper purple textured finish.


Pink powder coatings vary in shades from medium light to very light. The pink matte finish is softer compared to the vibrant pink metallic finish.


Green powder coat colors range from darker shades of emerald green including matte and metallic to a lighter green textured color, similar to a strong shade of yellow/green.


Blue powder coat colors are available in deep and intense blue metallic and gloss hues, as well as blue matte and blue textured colors.


Brown powder coatings range from a rich deep brown gloss color to a lighter brown matte color, which contains red and yellow undertones.


A tan powder coat is a paler tone of brown. Tan metallic has a brow-yellow undertone compared to tan matte, which has a yellow-green undertone.


Metallic and gloss yellow powder coat finishes have a shiny green undertone compared to the yellow matte and yellow textured finish, which have a brighter yellow hue.

Powder Coat Colors
*Colors and finishes may vary from the actual product due to your screen resolution, viewing device and other settings outside of our control.

How it works:

The process of a quality powder coating service is as follows:

  • The surface of a part is prepared by removing any foreign matter. This cleaning process can be accomplished by washing, abrasive blasting and other methods.
  • The powder is sprayed onto the part using an electrostatic spray gun. The gun charges the powder so that it gets attracted to the surface.
  • After blasting the part, the coated part is then placed in an oven for curing. The high temperatures from the oven melt the powder onto the surface of the part.
  • Finally the part is cooled and inspected.

Unlike other surface finishing services, powder coating is environmentally friendly, economical and does not produce volatile organic compounds in the air.

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