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Powder Coating Service

eMachineShop makes it easy to have existing parts powder coated and to design and order custom parts with powder coating. 

Powder coating looks similar to paint but is more durable. 


Powder coating is a process that "bakes" powdered plastic onto a metal surface. The coating is relatively hard and abrasion resistant. Powder coating adds typically 0.0025" to 0.005" to each coated side and edge. Textured powder is less susceptible to imperfections than matte or glossy. This metal finish is available in many colors.


Applications of powder coating include: Custom EnclosuresCustom Metal BracketsCustom Robot PartsCustom Front PanelsCustom Sheet Metal BoxesCustom Motorcycle PartsCustom Auto PartsCustom Toy PartsCustom Knobs, etc. The metal finishinig process is most commonly applied to aluminum and steel.

Design Considerations

The are several factors to consider in designing parts with powder coating as a finish. Consider compensating for surface finish thickness – typically .001 to .003" on each surface. Edges will be slightly rounded due to the thickness of the coating. Textured powder coat will hide scratches and abrasions better than glossy powder coat. Coating may not reach certain deep pockets and inside corners due to the electrostatic process. Mechanical finishing of surfaces prior to powder coating is not usually needed as the coating covers and smoothes the surface. Plain and tapped holes may acquire a small amount of powder which can sometimes interfere with threads. Redrilling or retapping can optionally be requested. 

Powder coating existing parts

Whether you are restoring an old car, antique or just have some parts you need powder coated, we can help. Parts must be fully cleaned to bare metal before processing. The cost is $40 setup + $2 per part + $4 per sq ft of surface area. We can process parts where L+W+H < 48". Stock colors are metallic blue gloss, metallic red gloss, desert gloss, white gloss, gray gloss, black gloss, clear gloss, gray textured, white textured, black textured and simulated chrome. Special order colors add $75. Questions? Please contact us. 

How to Proceed

If you have an existing part that needs powder coating see above. We can quote your job using conventional CAD files or you can use our unique free CAD software where you can: design your part quickly and easily, get instant pricing, and order online.

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