Standard Specs and Tolerances

Below are eMachineShop’s default size and position tolerances and finishes that apply unless otherwise specified.

Sheet metal and sheet plastic parts

Metal: +/- .01″ for thickness < .5″; +/- .02″ for thickness > .5″
Plastic: +/- .02″
Holes < 2″ +/- .005″.
For parts with bends, the above applies to the flat sheet before bending.
Upon request, tolerances down to +/- .001″ for metal and +/- .005 for plastic are available for features up to 3″.

Machined parts

Metal: 0-12″ +/- .005″.   12-30″ +/- 0.01″.  >30″ +/-.020”; Double values for plastic; Triple for Teflon.
Edge breaks: .005″ to .015″
Fillets at bottom of pockets: .003″ to .015″
Angle: +/- 1 degree minimum

Other Processes 

For 3D printing, please review the chart on this page.
For injection molding, rapid prototyping and other non-machining processes, please see their respective web pages.

Surface Finish

Machined parts are as-machined. Vibratory tumble is available upon request.

tumble_finish machined_finish

Vibratory tumble

Tumbling removes sharp edges and burrs and may be more economical as it does not require machining chamfers to avoid sharp edges. (Chamfers were machined in this example.)

As machined

This finish is as-machined.

Note that the above images are samples only – actual results may vary.