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Pre-Order Checklist

Before placing your order, carefully review your design and see the checklist below:

  1. Completeness: Check for missing holes, cutouts, features, etc.
  2. Specifications: Make sure you communicated every important tolerance and specification completely.
  3. Machining: Review machining specs.
  4. Responsibility: Review your responsibility.
  5. Re-Orders: Re-ordered parts are counted as new orders and may vary from the original order. Use          tolerances to specify allowable ranges.
  6. Standard Finish: Parts may be vibratory tumbled – specify otherwise if needed.
  7. Surface Finish: Consider adding a finish, such as powder coat, to protect surfaces and improve appearance.
  8. Tolerance: Make sure your design has proper allowance and tolerance.
  9. Tolerance Limits: See eMachineShop’s general tolerance limits.
  10. Fit: Make sure your parts fit together properly.
  11. Changes: If you modify your design, repeat the above steps before ordering.


If you are ordering parts using the eMachineShop CAD software, see the CAD Ordering Checklist.

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