3D Printing Process

Material Jetting

Material jetting produces parts via inkjet print heads that deposit melted wax material that is hardened with UV light.

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What is Material Jetting?

Material jetting (MJ) 3D printing is a 3D printing process that distributes drops of wax-like material that hardens when exposed to UV light.

The wax is heated to optimal viscosity, and the inkjet proceeds to deposit to the proper locations. Layer by layer the photosensitive wax-like material is added and hardened using UV light until the part is complete.


  • Great accuracy and dimensional tolerances.
  • Smooth surface finish comparable to injection molding.
  • Non-porous finish.


  • Scale models.
  • Jewelry prototypes.
  • Molds for injection molding.
  • Teaching aids and form fitting parts.

Compatible Materials

a lot of green white and blue acrylic sheets stacked on one another
Acrylic Photopolymer


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