Custom Made Spur Gears

Need a custom spur gear? We’re here to help you. eMachineShop lets you design your gear in a matter of minutes with our software wizard. Just Download the FREE CAD software, fill in the dimensions and select a material.

Design Tips:

In order for gears to achieve their required performance, the selection of a suitable material is important. Common choices include: Stainless SteelNylonSteelAcetalBrass and PTFE. Ferrous metals are the most widely used for gears, offering high strength and low cost. Cast iron, carbon steels and alloy steels are in common use as well. Non-ferrous metals usually offer good machinability, light weight, corrosion resistance and are non-magnetic. The commonly used non-ferrous materials for gears are brass or bronze. Plastics are also commonly used via injection molding.

The software wizard makes designing gears quick and easy.


Watch the video below:

How to Proceed

We can quote your job using conventional CAD files or you can use our unique free CAD software where you can: design your part quickly and easily, get instant pricing, and order online.