Wizard Overview

Wrench Design Software

Design and customize a wrench in minutes using eMachineShop’s wrench design wizard.

  • 100k+ CAD Users.
  • 25+ Part Templates and Shapes.

Make a Custom Wrench

  1. Open eMachineShop CAD and select File > New.
  2. Expand the Wizards drop-down.
  3. From the list, select Wrench.
  4. Enter the desired parameters and click OK.
  5. In the workspace, add desired custom features as needed.

Wrenches, also known as spanners, are tools used to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Open-ended wrench ends are often angled at approximately 15° to allow for the maximal range of movement in restrictive spaces. Wrenches are commonly made of tool steels and hardened for maximum strength.

custom machined wrench creator menu in eMachineShop CAD
3D render of a custom machined wrench made in eMachineShop CAD


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