Custom Robot Parts

Building a robot? eMachineShop can help. Robot parts we’ve made include wheels, bushings, chassis, brackets, arms and motor mounts.

Our electronics division, Pad2Pad, is an ideal resource to bring your robot to life. With easy, convenient and low-cost fabrication of custom printed circuit boards via the web, you can design any PCB shape quickly with features like auto routing, net list import, trace simplifier and ground planes. Should you need board assembly, we are happy to assemble your PCBs manually or with our newest high speed machinery than can accommodate any quantity.

eMachineShop can make your robot parts using CNC Milling, turning, bending, drilling, laser cutting, waterjet and more. We’ll even make your robot attractive with a wide variety of powder coat colors.

Use eMachineShop and Pad2Pad as your one stop shop to create a working robot. 

How to Proceed

We can quote your job using conventional CAD files or you can use our unique free CAD software where you can: design your part quickly and easily, get instant pricing, and order online.