Supplier Invitation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to eMachineShop.

eMachineShop can offer you ongoing short-run machining orders for milling or turning.

eMachineShop is a leading ONLINE (internet oriented) machine shop. Customers come to our website to design and order custom machined parts. We pay suppliers promptly every month. There is no cost to become a supplier.

Orders are mostly short run – quantity 1 to 100. 

We look for suppliers that have competitive pricing, good quality, reliable communication and on time delivery.

For eMachineShop, most jobs have a maximum dimension of 10 – 300 mm. 

Our computerized order management system prints a monthly report of all your jobs and a check is reliably mailed to you or a wire transfer is initiated. The amount paid to you is the full amount indicated in our purchase order based on the price model we design for you.

There are no costs to you for cooperating with eMachineShop. 

You can notify us at any time to stop or slow the flow of orders. But you must finish open orders 

If you are interested in learning about becoming a supplier, please email newsuppliers-email  for more information.