Custom Metal Fabrication Services

eMachineShop fabricates sheet metal, bar, and rod stock into quality parts using a variety of CNC machines and secondary processes. When your parts are ready, we’ll ship fast to anywhere in the world.

Whether for an industrial application or personal project, eMachineShop will produce the metal parts you need at prices you can afford.

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What is Metal Fabrication?

 Metal fabrication is generally a subtractive manufacturing process where parts are created by removing material using various tools and machines.

Computer cases, bolts, automobile parts and countless other products are transformed via metal fabrication processes such as bending, punching, milling, turning, grinding, threading and more.

Metal Fabrication Process

Below are some of the processes eMachineShop uses to turn sheet metal into functional custom parts:


Process Category Description Part Dimensions
Bending Metal Forming Workpiece is bent to form flanges, contours, curls, seams, corrugations and other shapes via applied force from hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical machines. 2D
Conventional Shearing Shearing Material is cut using scissors-like action, usually in straight lines. 2D
Turret Punching Shearing Sheet material is cut via shaped punches. 2D
Sawing Basic Material Removal A saw blade uses sharp teeth to chip away at small amounts of material. Typically used to shape raw material to approximately the size of the part prior to other fabrication processes. 3D
Tapping Basic Material Removal Uses a tool with multiple teeth to produce internal threads in the workpiece. 2D and 3D
Boring Basic Material Removal Produces circular internal profiles in a hollow workpiece or in a hole created by drilling or another process. 2D and 3D
Turning Basic Material Removal Rotates the workpiece on its axis, using cutting tools to form custom shapes. 3D
Drilling Basic Material Removal Creates holes in the workpiece using a fluted cutting tool. 2D and 3D
Milling Basic Material Removal A rotating cutter removes small pieces of the material. The cutter moves in three or more axii. 3D
Grinding Basic Material Removal A chip removal process where the cutting tool is an abrasive grain wheel. Includes processes like surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding and centerless grinding. 2D and 3D


Laser Cutting



A high density beam of light energy is focused at targeted areas on the surface of the workpiece.



Wire EDM Advanced Part shapes are produced by cutting metal using a continuously moving wire with rapid spark discharges. 2D and 3D
Waterjet Cutting Advanced The force of a water jet with abrasive is used to cut sheet material. The water jet acts like a saw that can cut intricate shapes. Most metals, plastics, fabrics, wood products, rubber, insulation, leather and brick materials can be cut using a waterjet. 2D

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