Tolerances for Solvent Welded ABS Pipe Parts

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Tolerances for Solvent Welded ABS Pipe Parts

Post by jmigchelbrink » Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:13 pm


I am having a lot of trouble finding a specific fitting for a project I am working on, and am looking for a custom option. We will be buying a lot of these so I am not worried about setup cost. Essentially I want a 4" flush fit x 3/4" npt reducer bushing in ABS.

So the main body of the part will insert into a sch 40 ABS pipe, and be solvent welded. I know that 4" sch 40 pipe has a listed ID of 3.998", but does anyone know what a good diameter and tolerance is for the OD of the fitting so that it can dependably be solvent welded into the pipe?

I have attached a diagram for clarity.

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