Wizard Overview

Pulley Design Software

Design and customize a pulley in minutes using eMachineShop’s pulley design wizard.

  • 100k+ CAD Users.
  • 25+ Part Templates and Shapes.

Make a Custom Pulley

  1. Open eMachineShop CAD and select File > New.
  2. From the list, select Pulley.
  3. Enter the desired parameters and click OK.
  4. In the workspace, add desired custom features as needed.

A pulley is a wheel that turns on a shaft to support the movement of a rope, cable, chain or belt. Depending on the application, a pulley may be designed with rounded, square, or V-grooves to serve as a guide for the drive element. Pulleys are commonly made out of metals or plastics, and typical uses include block and tackle assemblies, hoists, and automotive applications.

custom pulley creator menu in eMachineShop CAD
3D render of a pulleyy made in eMachineShop CAD


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