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View and optionally share your STEP files online for free. No download or signup required. Renders and verifies file integrity of STEP and STP files made with Solidworks, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, CATIA, Solid Edge, NX, Creo, FreeCAD, TurboCAD, Rhino, and more. Works for Mobile and Desktop. Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, and iOS compatible.

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This viewer is based on the NIST STEP File Analyzer and Viewer

What are STEP files

STEP and STP files are a type of CAD file used to specify mechanical shapes. STP files can represent geometric shapes, color, size, material and additional data. These capabilities make STEP files useful when collaborating with other engineers and machine shops. Note that STEP files are not as widely supported as some other CAD formats so it has limits in terms of sharing information. Another disadvantage relates to size – the files are somewhat inefficient in storage size. STP files also do not support animations. STP files are text files so you can open and read them directly.

STEP file viewer

This online STEP file viewer allows you to quickly check the contents of a file. STP file viewers and more generally CAD file viewers can also be used to verify a file prior to ordering. Try our free STEP file viewer today!

eMachineShop files

eMachineShop CAD files are much smaller than STP files but are specific to eMachineShop CAD. Try our free CAD here.


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Precision milling, turning, and post processing for metal and plastic parts. Prototypes and production.
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Rapid SLS, SLA, MJF, and more. Choose from a variety of colors for any project type.
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Use our material property design tool to help decide on the optimal material for your parts. In the initial mode, materials are shown in order of similarity to center material based on the average similarity of its properties. Click circles to update the display. Properties: Lowest melt pt, Deg F – Yield strength, KSI – Thermal conductivity, Btu/hr-ft-F – Thermal Diffusivity, in^2/min – Elasticity,10^6 lb/sq in – Coefficient of expansion, .001 in/in-F – Tensile strength, KSI – Density,lb/in3 – Shear Strength, KSI – Machinability & Bendability & Weldability, 0=N/A 5=Excellent … Material abbr: Al=Aluminum, Cu=Copper, FG=Fiberglass, PTFE=Fluoropolymer, NBR=Nitrile rubber, PC=Polycarbonate, PETG=Polyester, HDPE=Polyethylene, PP=Polypropylene, SS=Stainless steel, Ti=Titanium.